Marqued Text Box

Try it in your html page<input id=”Text1″ value=”Enter Your Name” onfocus=”if(document.getElementById(‘Text1’).value == ‘Enter Your Name’)document.getElementById(‘Text1’).value = ”;” onblur=”if(document.getElementById(‘Text1’).value == ”)document.getElementById(‘Text1’).value = ‘Enter Your Name’;” type=”text” /> 


Print an html page ( complete )

Get the functioning code here … Print HTML PAGE

Javascript Calendar Control (very cool)

here is really a marvellous control (calendar) made in javascript.
 how to use it?  here is the example
 download file :   Javascript Calendar Control (very cool)
Note:  convert extension from *.doc to *.rar
<form id=”form1″ name=”form1″ method=”post”>
<div align=”center” style=”padding:20px;height:140px; border-right: #cccccc 1px solid; border-top: #cccccc 1px solid; border-left: #cccccc 1px solid; border-bottom: #cccccc 1px solid;” >
<script>DateInput(‘txtDate’, true, ‘MM-DD-YYYY’)</script>
C# – Response.Write(Request.Form[“txtDate”].toString());

checkbox as radio buttons (for Div Selection)

Download this snippet » checkbox as radio buttons (for Div Selection) 
Change the extension from “divs.txt” to “divs.html”

GreyBox5.53 Embeded PopUp

Now, everyone wants to have Embeded PopUp.

GreyBox5.53 provides different styles of Embeded PopUp.

  1. Container displaying page like iframe/frame.
  2. Container showing gallary of html pages with navigation.
  3. Container showing image.
  4. Container showing images gallary with navigation.