Database Schema online

WWW SQL Designer

Actual Site:
Download software link :

Design your schema online and you can even access to your previously defined schema.

With this tool you can see the current DB Design and even Modify it. So if you have any proposals for improving the database design or find some major flaws you can post it as a comment here or just draw a picture with the tool 😉

Please save it under a new keyword if you modify it so I can see all the different proposals. If some of you just don’t care and overwrite it anyways, you others dont fear:

If there are some problems (like someone deleted or overwrote the Schema) or the Database has changed but you still want to see or improve the Database Design, here is a XML file with which you can recreate this version. Just click Import from XML in the SQL Designer and paste the XML data.

Don’t worry no matter what you do you won’t affect the real database in any way.

 Snapshot of the Database


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